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Hey ladies!

SO so excited to have you here as we await the debut of "Hey Ladies!" out May 1st with Abrams Books!!!

New here? Revisit "Hey Ladies!" on The Toast (start here, with the bachelorette party planning emails). To our "Hey Ladies!" loyalists: Worry not. You'll recognize your favorite ladies in the book, but it's 350 emails full of all new material.

Until then, keep visiting to keep up with live readings, events, yogalates classes, DIY vision boards, cute recipes for mason jar salads, etc. And of course, don't forget to preorder the book here (like we'd ever let you forget). Also if you buy the book that TOTALLY makes up for that time we spotted you for that $6 Blue Moon a few summers ago so we'll just call it even on Venmo ;)

OH this is important!!! If you want to share your real "Hey Ladies!" emails (we'll never share them unless we ask for your permission ahead of time) or want the ladies to come to your local bookstore when the book comes out, email us at

As Barack Obama once said, "happiest girls are the prettiest girls." And as Miranda Hobbs once said, "marriage ruins everything."

The spirit in us recognizes the spirit in all of you,

Michelle (@michmarkowitz) + Caroline (@socarolinesays)


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